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Multiple instances?

Hello. Quick question. I searched for an answer but did not easily find one.

So I am a longtime user of msecure. I have recently taken over all financial responsibility for  my aging parents including bills, taxes, investments, etc. As you might imagine, there are many potential passwords and access instructions I have stored in msecure for their needs.

Now I want to be able to provide this information to my brother in case anything ever happens to me, so that someone can still take care of my parents. However, I don't want to give him access to my "single" msecure account as this also contains my personal information.

So here is the question. Can I create "multiple instances" of msecure with different access information to segregate my personal information from my parents? Would I  have to purchase "another" copy of msecure?

Also, it does not seem that msecure is set up well for something like this as it does not appear to allow you to enter different user credentials at startup to allow two different accounts.

In any case, I am wide open for suggestions as to how to deal with the above desire to have two separate databases of information for my personal use and then for my parents.

Many thanks for any thoughts in this regard.


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Hi Mark,

Thank you for contacting us. There is no way to have multiple databases for a single mSecure account. mSecure was also designed for a single user at a time. Unfortunately, we also do not currently provide cross account sharing features at this time. If you'd like to have separate mSecure information, you will need to use separate mSecure accounts and purchase separate mSecure licenses. Thankfully, we are working on sharing features to allow you to share mSecure information with multiple mSecure accounts in the near future though. 

Note: you need to reinstall mSecure 5 in order to be able to sign in to different accounts. Also, you can always create a backup file of your current mSecure information and use that backup file to restore the information in any other account. Here are some backup and restore guides you can use if needed:

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