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msecure 5: pw account and pw to encrypt data


msecure 3 user but new to version 5. Is the pw you define while creating the account tied with the pw you have on your device? In other words, changing the pw in one of the devices where I have installed mesecure 5 changes the pw of the account too?

Moreover, where do you store the password that refer to the account?




Thank you for contacting us. mSecure 5 uses an account system. In order to use mSecure 5, you have to use an account to sign in. Your account password will always be the same on all devices you are using the account with. Our account system resides in our servers. We use AWS (Amazon Web Services) for our servers with servers located in both the East Coast (Virginia) and the West Coast (Oregon). No decent modern account system will ever store your password. Your account password is not stored in our system. Moreover, your personal information is protected by a randomly generated account key and not the account password itself. You can learn more about our security model here:

Hi, thank you for your answer, I have read the document and everything is clear.

My next question is: I have bought and installed version 5 on 3 devices,1  iMac (OS 10.13.6), 1  Ipad (12.x) and 1 iPhone (12.x).

On iMac and iPad there was already a working installation of msecure version 3.5.7 .

I started form the iMac, imported the old DB version 3, then I moved to iPad installing the app and synchronizing, the same with the iPhone.

As soon as I have created the account (iMac) I received the QR code but this was never required by the installation on the two portable devices.

The above documents says "When you want to install and use mSecure on a new device, we require you to sign in with your email and account password then ask you for the QR code" but actually with iPad and Iphone I had to sign in but NEVER to scan the QR code, nevertheless on both devices I could succesfully install and browse the records.

Could you please explain to me why?


Hi M,

Great question. The reason that you are not asked for the QR code on your other devices is because with mSecure 5.5 we started storing the encrypted account key on user's iCloud Drive when using mSecure 5 on iOS and(or) Mac. By default we now store a file named mSecure.msecurekey on your iCloud Drive (iCloud Drive/mSecure/USERID/mSecure.msecurekey). mSecure will first try and use this encrypted account key file to authenticate you now. It will only ask you for the QR code if the file is not found or if the file does not work to authenticate your account. Unfortunately (or fortunately?) we had to make this change because a substantial portion of our customers were deleting and(or) losing the QR code email sent to them and having to reset or start over if they weren't already signed in to their account on a device. 

If you wanted to, you can remove our apps permission from using your iCloud Drive on iOS and Mac. If you remove that permission, we cannot store the encrypted account key on your iCloud Drive and cannot view the file either. However, please note that we also store encrypted backup files for your account on your iCloud Drive:

I’m not a techie. In the simplest of terms, how do I sync, transfer, pair the info on my iPhone msecure3 app to my iPad secure5 app. Had mSecure 3  on iPad until I got a new iPhone 11, then it disappeared on iPad if that makes any sense

How do I sync my iPhone mSecure 3info with my new msecure5 app on my iPad. Had msecure3 on iPad until I got new iPhone 11. It just disappeared if that makes any sense

Thank you for contacting us! Before we talk about syncing, can you let me know if you have already transferred your information from the old mSecure app?

Also, do you want to use mSecure 5, or were you hoping to continue using the older app instead? You should still be able to download the older version of mSecure from your list of purchased apps in the App Store app on your iPhone. mSecure 5 is definitely more user-friendly when it comes to syncing, but if you don't have a license for it already, then you would need to purchase one in order to keep your data in sync moving forward.

I was able to restore my mSecure 3 to my iPad with my backup file Now I will upgrade to m5.
All done on iphone

Hi Meg,

That is good to hear! Were you also able to get your information transferred to mSecure 5? If not, you will need to use the email backup/restore feature to do that. You can find instructions on making the transfer here:

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