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records did not transfer to new phone

i used the QR for authentication and none of my records transferred to my new account. how do i get my records on my new phone? i am using mSecure5 and even upgraded to Pro hoping that would help but it did absolutely nothing. please help

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Hi Pamela,

Thank you for contacting us and I'm sorry about the issue you are experiencing.  The QR code and authentication system is simply a security system. Did you have your mSecure information in mSecure 5 already? If not, on what device and what version of mSecure is your information on? Here are some guides that can help:

Trying to get info from old phone to new phone cuz it didn’t show on new phone

Hi Ernestine,

Thank you for contacting us. Can you let me know what type of devices your old and new phones are? Also, are running the older mSecure app, version 4.5, or are you running the new mSecure 5 app? You can find the version number for mSecure in the About mSecure section at the bottom of the app's settings.

My old phone is LG Stylo 3 using mSecure version I recently purchased IPhone 11 which cares the new version mSecure 5. Download version on iphone but info would not transfer from old phone

Hi Ernestine,

The reason your information didn't transfer is because the old mSecure app is not connected to the mSecure Cloud. That app was completely standalone. However, it is possible to transfer data over from the older mSecure app.

The one problem we face here is transferring your information requires the most recent version of mSecure 4, which is version 4.5, and you are running 4.0.6 on your Stylo. Can you open the Play Store and see if it's possible to download a new version of mSecure 4 onto that device? You'll have to check in the update section of the Play Store to see if you have an update available for mSecure.

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