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Allow WiFi sync without internet connection, etc.

1.  I have used mSecure on multiple iOS, Mac and Windows platforms for over 7 years and the application has been a reliable tool for ensuring data security.  In my profession, I may be in areas with poor to no internet connection for days.  Accordingly, I cannot migrate to the mSecure 5 application until the ability to sync between devices without an internet connection is provided.

2.  I often initially enter data into a "Notes" type record, and then switch the record from "Notes" to another type later.  While understanding that switching between record types containing multiple unique fields would be a complicated coding task, providing the capability to switch objects from "Notes" type (with no unique fields) to another record type should be relatively easy and a useful mSecure 5 feature.

3.  I create multiple mSecure databases, including a personal file and 1 for each job using a unique password for each.  From various AppStore reviews and forum comments, it seems that multiple accounts (and multiple fees?) are required to do the same with mSecure 5.  Like item #1 above, this prevents me from migrating to mSecure 5 if true.

Hi Russ,

Thank you for the feature requests. 

1. Because we use our account system as licensing system, an internet connection is required in order to sign in to an account and sync via any method. However, all information is downloaded locally since all encryption and decryption happens locally. You do not need an internet connection in order to view or use your information once signed in to your account. You would only need an internet connection when trying to sync.

2. Thanks for the feature request. Others have asked for the ability to change record types again in mSecure and it's something we are looking into.

3. mSecure 5 no longer allows multiple databases. It's one database per account. This is unlikely to change anytime soon. However, we will be working on better ways to organize and categories records in the future so perhaps this wont be an issue for you if you have better ways to separate your mSecure information?

Again, thank you for the feature request. We will keep your requests, along with others, in mind moving forward.

+1 on the OP's first point. You should only need to verify the license when the applications are first used on a device.  WiFi sync should be local and not require access to the mSecure server. The two devices should be able to authenticate each other without going through the mSecure server.

Even if for licensing purposes you want the apps to sign into the mSecure servers, this only needs to happen periodically, say every few weeks, rather than every single time.

Basically, if the mSecure servers ever go down or is unreachable for one reason or another (don't say that never happens), we won't be able to sync.

Finally, for the paranoid amongst us, being able to sync locally without using the server provides some assurance that 

  a) our data isn't being transmitted thru the server while doing a WiFi sync

  b) the mSecure server isn't tracking our locations every time we do  a sync

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