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Incorrect backup password

I am unable to restore a backup.  Whether on my Mac or iPhone, I get the same error in both places: "Incorrect password. That is not the correct password."  I have three backup files on iCloud from the last three months, and get the same error no matter which one I try to restore.

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Hi David,

Thank you for contacting us and I'm sorry about the issue you are experiencing.  mSecure backup files are encrypted with the login password (mSecure 4 or below) or account password (mSecure 5) that was in use when the backup file was created. In order to restore from a backup file, you will need to know it's password. 

What if you can’t remember your Account password when the backup file was created?

@Sara Thank you for contacting us. The only way to read the data stored in an mSecure backup file is if you know the password that was used when the backup was created. If the password is not known, there is no way to encrypt the data stored in it.

Can you let me know more about the situation you're in? It's unusual to not know the password for a backup that you need to restore from. Are you trying to get your data moved over after upgrading to a new device?

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