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Change password on Msecure5

I recently changed my network and now need to change the network password on Msecure 5.  Where do I find that.

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Hi Earl,

Thank you for contacting us and I'm sorry about the issue you are experiencing.  I'm not sure I understand your question here. What password are you trying to change? mSecure 5 does not ask or need your network password, ever. If you changed your network password, you'll need to change the network settings on your device or computer not the apps that you use on those devices. 

I am trying to rest my password for my Msecure App 5

I can't access my account to sync my phone to my computer

Hi Bing,

It's always best to create your own discussion or topic instead of using an existing one unless all the details in the discussion or topic match your issues exactly. 

Can you let me know what version of mSecure you are using on each device? What mSecure account are you using on each device as well if using mSecure 5 on each device? Our system shows an account for 

 bing at However, this account is only using mSecure 5 on Mac. I'm guessing you are using mSecure 4 on your other devices. Please download mSecure 5 on all devices:





Here are guides that show you how to transfer your information from mSecure 3 or 4 to mSecure 5 if needed:

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