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Will msecure5 do this - using it to its max

Hi all, 

I am running Msecure5 on Mac OS, have had a lot of friends hacked recently which makes me think to upgrade my poor password system to a better one but don't know how or if secure can do it?

Currently secure as a vault for logins, thats all. 

Can it be set so i can load a site, then have secure do the password and user fill -in for me, is there like a widget for the top bar on safari etc to prompt for fingerprint id then fill in the site details?

I want to turn off the browser "save password" feature as its no security at all - you gain access to the browser and you gain access to ALL saved passwords !!

Is there a way to do this, am i understanding secure properly or is this too secure??

basically i want fingerprint id for access to all sensitive sites

any help appreciated


Hi David,

Thank you for contacting us. It sounds like you are wanting a browser plugin and(or) a top bar mini app to help you login to websites on your browser. Unfortunately, we do not currently have browser plugins available for our computer version. mSecure 5 for Mac can automatically copy the username and(or) password whenever you click on a URL in mSecure 5. It also launches your default browser to the URL when you click in a URL in mSecure 5. This can allow you to input your username/email on the website and paste the password from your clipboard. 

  1. Open and unlock mSecure 5
  2. Click mSecure 5 from the top menu bar and click Preferences (command+comma)
  3. Under the General options make sure to enable the "Auto-copy Username" and(or) the "Auto-copy Password" option(s)

We are currently working on browser plugins to make it easier to sign in to your websites using mSecure 5 in the future. Please note that manually copying and pasting your information to sign in to websites on your browser will always be the most secure method possible though, but we understand that customers want an automated process as well.

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