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In 5.5 is there a way to move items from one group to another?

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Hi Wayne,

Thank you for contacting us. Yes, mSecure 5 lets you change your record's group. You can edit a record to change the group associated with the record. Also, if using mSecure 5 on Mac or Windows, you can select multiple records and edit the Group for those records using our Bulk editing tools. 



I am trying to move records from one group to another using the mSecure 5 tools as illustrated in this topic. But, the application link 'Change Group' does not respond. I am using MSecure 5 for Mac. Thanks for your help.

Hi Neil,

I'm not sure what could be causing this to happen. As long as you have more than one record selected, and more than one group exists in your database, you should be able to use the bulk editing options to assign records to a group. Are you sure you have more than one group, and are multiple records selected? If so, where are you clicking to change the group? When it works, it should look like this:

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