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Allow editing/changing of record Types

It seems to be the case that every element/field of every record can be edited except "Type." Can this be changed so that this element/field can also be edited (perhaps through a pull down menu like used for "Group." As it stands now, if you decide sometime after you create a record as a "Login" (for example) you decide that it makes more sense for it to be an "Email Account" you have to delete the entire record and start all over.

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Hi Steven,

Thank you for your feedback here. Due to all the feedback on this missing feature, we've decided to add back the ability to change record types on Mac and Windows. When in the edit screen, you'll be able to change the assigned record type of your record. When changing record types, the fields will simply move over in the order they are currently set and any custom fields will move over as custom fields as well.

So if you change a record from a Login record type to an Email Account record type:


1. URL

2. Username

3. Password

it'll move to 

Email Account:

1. Username

2. Password

3. Incoming Server

If you change a record type from a record type has many fields in it to one that doesn't, all additional fields for the record will be changed to custom fields for the newly selected record type. For example:


1. URL

2. Username

3. Password

4. Note

changed to Secure Note:

1. Note

2. Custom Field (URL)

3. Custom Field (Username)

4. Custom Field (Password)

Hi Eden,

I'm interested in this feature.  It's been a year since you last posted mSeven's intention to add-back this feature.  What is the status on this?  I don't see the change in my Windows version.

Looks good....   WHEN????

Ditto on all counts. I would also like to be able to re-order types. I have created new types that suit my work better, and they default to the bottom of the list. My new types -- Stores, for instance, with everything from departments stores, online retailers, restaurants, etc, or Guitars for details on my large collection, or  -- is more important to me than, say, Calling Cards, of which I own zero any more.

Hi Dan,

Please note that you can also always edit existing types and even delete most existing types if they aren't useful to you. The only types you cannot remove are the Credit Card, Logins, and Secure Notes types. Additionally, record types are listed in alphabetical order on Android, iOS, and Windows and you can re-order to record types on Mac:

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When this feature will be available..?? Not yet on App Store version

Eden posted 4 months ago that Type would be editable. Is there some reason it hasn't been implemented?? I've just installed v. 5.7.0 on my MacBook Air.

I am new to mSecure 5 but have been a user of the older version since 2010. I am distressed to see that it is apparently impossible to change the Type for an item. I often change types as a piece of electronics is consigned to Not-In-Use category or as a credit card is Cancelled. PLEASE allow users to change the type for a given item so that the item doesn't have to be recreated each time the status of an account or a piece of equipment changes. Many thanks for your consideration.

Hi Kristine, and also greetings to all who have posted in this thread!

I wanted to let you know that type changing capabilities have already been implemented for mSecure version 6. This is our next major release, which we are hard at work to complete. I don't have a release date now, but it is getting close to ready.

For clarity, type changing will not be available in any release for mSecure 5. It will become available when mSecure 6 is released.

Happy to see this enhancement! Looking forward to v6.

Thank you for the response Chip! We're really looking forward to the v6 release too =)

Guys, please fix this--- I'm reading this ridiculous flaw is actually and intended feature.  

No one prefers for it to work this way! I know you tried doing this in Msecure 4, and it was poor choice then, and it remains one now.

Suggested work around:  

(a) If the 'type' is being changed on an existing entry, then the fields should remain as is.   

(b) If the entry is being created for the first time, then populate it with whatever your default fields are.

Consider that when people create entries, they are not going to meticulously organize it on the spot.  That comes with time--  

I have 50 some odd entries, thinking I could edit them later, now my list is a mess.


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