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Automatically show Touch ID dialog when coming to focus

On MacOS MacBook pro with Touch ID enabled.

When the application starts up it pops up a dialog where you can quickly unlock with the fingerprint reader. This is great.

However if you leave MSecure open and come back to it later, the unlock screen does not show this dialog automatically, and you have to press the fingerprint icon at the bottom right first.  Please:

  • Add a keyboard shortcut to bring the Touch ID dialog up (maybe there is one but I can't find it documented anywhere)
  • Automatically show the dialog when the application comes to focus.  You can implement NSApplicationDelegate method applicationDIdBecomeActive: to detect this situation.

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I note there is a ⌘-T shortcut for "Show Touch ID" in the View menu (not sure when it appeared, maybe it was always there and I just never noticed it), so this can be marked as implemented.

Hi Steven,

Thank you for contacting us about this. I had actually forgotten there was a shortcut for the Touch ID unlock, so thank you for the reminder =)  I know we have looked into making it possible to show the Touch ID dialog when focusing the app instead of it only happening when the app is opened from scratch, but we weren't able to find a solution. The problem has been that MacOS didn't give us a distinguishing event for when the app was focused. I believe there is a focus event, but it couldn't be used for this purpose. I'm going to talk to the developer again about this in our next meeting, and if we can come up with some idea for a solution, we will get it on the feature request list.

When I open MSecure on my M1 MacBook Air, the splashscreen opens with the cursor in the password field, ready to type. To use the Touch ID, you have to click on the fingerprint icon bottom right of the splashscreen and only then use the Touch ID, so it's a two-stage process rather than one. Is this what you meant Mike? Any progress on that? The ⌘-T shortcut is a little quicker than using the track pad and clicking, but it would be even better if touching the fingerprint sensor after opening the app would trigger the Touch ID dialog and then open the app. One of the best apps I ever used by the way, and one of the most used.

@Nick Thank you for contacting us and for your feedback! What you described is what I was talking about in my response to @Steven. mSecure 6 will be released soon, and it already has implemented showing the Touch ID dialog when the app is brought to the foreground, so you will no longer have to click the fingerprint icon or use the command+T shortcut to unlock mSecure with Touch ID.

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