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Extend the grouping concept

Ideally I would want to be able to assign multiple tags to my entries and then filter using one or more of these tags.

For example I might want to see only logins for financial institutions.

I don't want to see all entries for financial institutions and I don't want to see all logins.

I can't do this without having a group set up specifically for Financial Institutions logins - and then I lose the ability to filter on all Financial Institution related items.

Its not even possible to combine filtering on Groups and Types (which would get some way towards the same thing).

The only way to do it today is to add the tags to the notes field and then search but that's a clunky approach because search will likely pick up other fields (and field labels) in addition to notes.

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HI Andy,

Thank you for your feature request. I've been wanting a tagging system or the ability to have records in multiple groups for a long time now. Hopefully, others would like to see this kind of feature as well and this feature request gets voted on a lot so that I can show others here that there is a need or demand for such a feature.

+1 for tagging. I think it would be very useful.

+1 Great idea!

+1  This is very impotant option.

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