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Suggestion for a compact view

I just upgraded to msecure 5. Thanks for the update. The one thing that I'm seeing is the individual entries are very large, which limits how many can fit on the screen at once. This includes the Windows app as well as the ios app. It would be nice to be able to select a "compact" view.  

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Hi Terry,

Thank you for the feature request. There's been a few people who have requested smaller fonts in the past. I think having a compact view could serve the purpose of having much smaller fonts throughout.

Thank you

Also with the Mac app the entries are very large – and the mSecure window is filling almost the whole 13 inch screen. Therefore it would be very good to have a compact view.

Yes the new design (like much "modern" design I'm seeing these days) involves a tremendous waste of space!   The interface views needs to be more user-customizable on many levels.

No sure why you just threw away so many of the great elements of the old version.  Lots of things were better about it!   It sucks to upgrade and then be disappointed that there aren't many new features, and in fact some of the old ones got taken away!

Hi Brad,

Thank you for contacting us. Can you let me know which elements of the old version are missing in mSecure 5? On what platform are you referring to? Just about all the options available in mSecure 3 for Mac and Windows are available in mSecure 5.

Main View

1. Filter by Group

2. Filter by Type

3. Edit Groups

4. Edit Types

5. Add Item

6. Edit Item

7. Delete Item

8. Lock

9. Sync

10. Print

11. Show Sensitive

12. Favorites

13. Search


1. General

2. Wifi Sync

3. Cloud Sync

Main view:

1. Lock

2. Different Record Types filters (All, Recents, Logins, Cards, Notes)

3. Security Center

4. Filter by Group

5. Filter by Type

6. Deleted Items (can recover deleted items here)

7. Search

8. Show Sensitive

9. Sort By options

10. Favorites

11. Add Item

12. Delete item

13. Edit Item


1. General

2. Account

3. Sync (options)

4. Security

5. Groups

6. Types

7. Backups

The Sync option is now only available on on the top menu bar in the "File" options (Command+Shift+S). We've also moved the Edit Group and Edit Types to the mSecure Preferences instead (command+comma) and also added Account details, and Backup options to our Preferences section.

All that said, I understand that some users would prefer a more Excel spreadsheet look when viewing records and we are keeping your feedback in mind moving forward.

In your screens shots, the old version shows 20+ records and MANY fields for each record, in the same amount of space the new version screen shot shows only 9, with much less information.

Also, the Show Sensitive button (eyeball) is tiny and difficult to click, compared to the old version

@Brad Price: 

You are absolutely right. Having a compact view for the new mSecure version would be great. The current version is using much to large fonts. Therefore long file titles can't be seen completely anymore. And: if I open a password manager I don't like the idea that anybody around me can see what I am doing. 

@support team: 

Please make it smaller! 

I change from msecure 4 and yes, the fonts are so big in my mac, is crazy that I need to move a lot to read a little more. And as I search why can't be display the System and group to the name of the record, this details make me crazy, not sure if like this new version at all, the old is more fast and the elements are more easy accessible


Let me add my vote for an option to display information in a more compact format, like version 3.5.7 that I still run on my Macs.  The large format, while "more modern", reduces that amount of information on the screen, thereby increasing the amount of scrolling.  Currently I have 297 items in mSecure, and I'm happy with the way it works.  I'd love to update to show my support for mSeven Software, but the large format is a deal breaker.

Agree with all the above. With >400 entries I have to scroll for ages to from one end of the alphabet to the other. To make matter worse, there doesn't seem to be any easy way of collapsing or expanding each alphabetic groups or the whole list. Taking up nearly the whole 13" screen isn't a step forward.

Please make font size user configurable. 

+1 to this "request"  - I've been happily using version 3.x for many years switching over from splashID. I paid to upgrade to version 5 several months back and am just getting around to doing the upgrade. I'm really disappointed. I don't even think this version is usable with this giant font.  Not only does it make shoulder surfing easy, it is really difficult to use with lots of entries...  I'll hold out a few more weeks before resorting to other options, but this is not a viable solution. I'm happy the product is getting updated, and recognize that not only did the product need an update, but that supporting you by purchasing an early upgrade was worthwhile, but this was a misfire to me.  This UI is unusable.


Are you unable to use the scrollbar? Scrolling shouldn't take long at all with the scrollbar. Additionally, we have groups and types you can filter by. You can also filter by favorites and search records to easily find and use a record.

@Mike Anderson

I'm sorry that you are not enjoying mSecure 5. Although this is a feature we are looking into, along with a dark mode, we have no immediate plans to change things. If we decide to set up a compact view and(or) dark mode, it will be months before we have it available. I'm sorry that you find our UI "Unusable." As with the other Mike, I would recommend filtering by groups, types, favorites, or using the search option to easily find and use your records in mSecure 5.

Thanks for the reply, and apologies if I came off as unduly critical. Everyone has their preferences, so I'll just acknowledge that my preferences can't be met in the updated product... There are lots of other people that likely prefer the interface as it is.

Thanks for your efforts and for having a great product over the years.

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