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Ordering of fields

Would it be possible to reorder the fields in a record once created e.g. via the 'edit' screen? I would like to be able to choose where in the record custom fields are and to be able to reorder those.

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HI Ben,

Thank you for the feature request. So would this request be for the order of the custom fields you're able to create in the edit screen? You can already change the order of the fields in a record type by going into the Edit Type settings in the mSecure settings.

Yes, for the custom fields on a record. I don't need this very often but occasionally it might be good to mix custom fields in with the type's default fields. Even just reordering among themselves would be useful. As I say, I don't need this often but it would be good to be able to do it.

Kindly give us the option to rearrange the order of custom fields.

Someone coming from mSecure 4 I had many things in Notes area. Since mSecure 5 I have created new fields and moved some of the matter from Notes area.

Now if I want to rearrange that order it is not possible. Any reason why this is deferred? I see this feature as basic and valuable and not sure why mSecure team does not see utility in this.

Hi Dharmil,

You can always rearrange the order of the fields in a template file. Ben's request is to be able to re-arrange the order of custom fields. Custom fields are fields you add individually to a record. Those you cannot currently rearrange. They are simply displayed in the order that you create them in.

To edit the field order for a template, please go to the Edit Types screen, select your type, and rearrange the fields do your liking.

Hey Eden,

Even my request is to rearrange the order of custom fields and not template. Kindly check screenshot in my previous post to understand better.

Imagine you add 4-5 custom fields to an existing entry and after sometime you want to rearrange the order to make it visually easier, the only solution currently is delete all of them and re-enter in your preferred order.

How about adding a reorder option (check screenshot attached).

Yes, I understand the feature request and understand why it could be needed.

Yes, I too would like to be able to re-order fields. I added some custom fields to a unique item (my bank). This item is so complex it is and will never be like another and hence does not deserve a template, so I limped along by adding fields to the basic “login” template. Yes, LOTS of fields. I like to add by order of frequency of use—for the sake of efficiency. Being an error-prone sort I found I had neglected a field of great importance after adding several others. To add and re-order it would have been very helpful. As is, I deleted everything after where it needed to go, added it, then re-added what I haf trashed. Tedious. Re-ordering existing fields would help me recover from my own foibles.

So where are we with the status of this request to be able to sort the order of custom added fields within a record?

Hi Gregg,

The ability to re-order custom fields has already been implemented in our internal builds. This feature will be out with a major release we have planned out. Unfortunately, I cannot give a timeline or release date estimate for our major update.

Wondering whether there is any update on when the ability to re-order custom fields in a record is going to be available?

Hi Leo,

mSecure 6 is adding support for one of our biggest features yet, so it is taking some time to get it ready for release. However, the re-ordering of fields will be become available in that release as well. We're putting all our efforts into it now, and it will be ready as soon as possible.

Any update on when this order feature of added custom fields will be available please ? It’s been 3 yrs sine original request and 1 yr sine releases 6 was mentioned - this is shockingly slow!

@David It's implemented in v6, which is in beta testing now. It will be released as soon as the beta testing period is complete.

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