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Export mSecure 5 database

I have been using mSecure for several years now during which time I have been very happy with the product. I have a mobile which upgraded to mSecure5 not knowing the consequences inherent in doing so.

I now have two (2) desktops with Windows 7 Professional that no longer sync with my mobile, and vice versa. I have no current desire to add Windows 10 to my list of problems.

Question: Is there a way to export my mobile database (mSecure 5) and then import that database into the earlier version of mSecure that is installed on my desktops? ..... If not I am faced with printing out several hundred records to add to another password manager.

I think there exists a huge installed base of  users with earlier versions of your product that will be VERY interested in staying with the earlier version and forgoing the Windows 10 mess.

James Douglass


HI James, 

Thank you for contacting us and I'm sorry about the issue you're experiencing. There is no way to export your information on the mobile versions of mSecure. Only mSecure 5 for Mac and Windows 10 allow you to export to a CSV file. If you were able to access mSecure 5 on Windows 10, you'd be able to create a CSV of your mSecure 5 information and import that CSV into mSecure 3. That said, is your information so out of sync now between mSecure 3 and mSecure 5? When did you start using mSecure 5? Unfortunately, the email you're using on this website does not have an mSecure account associated with it so I cannot view basic account information.

No problem... I think my mSecure email on the account is/was I've access to a couple WIN-10 machines at my office... Jim
My info is not that far out between the old & the new but its a pain nonetheless.. James Douglass

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