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Soporte mSecure

mSecure not working!!!!!! Neither one of my PC's just freeze.

What happen to your system? need a fix!!!!!!!!!!

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Staes that data could not bve read wrong format? Has mSecure been hacked???????

Experiencing the same thing! 2 different computers - It will not launch with password or pin.  Has been working all day - just occured about an hour ago!


Website login says BAD REQUEST

Also same issue, and the website gives me a bad request when trying to log in. The PC app on re-installation isn't letting me in using the credentials that are currently work on both my mac and iphone. The mac is also having sync errors so new entries are not coming across to other devices

Same Here

same here... not working on my ipad either, says wrong format.  Something is going on because my PC just spins and spins

I put in a support ticket - hope everyone does the same - hopefully someone is monitoring this and will resolve asap.

Appreciate everyone's reply - at least it confirmed it was not a local / single user issue. 


Same issue which started today Feb 12 2024

 Is there anybody home at mSecure?  Multiple threads on the same issue and no response from mSecure...

It appears their sync server is down. You can still open it on desktop, but it hangs until the server times out. Still works, but obviously is not syncing recent adds or password changes.

I also opened a ticket with them.

I don't sync to their servers - my standalone version still does not work. I imagine it ties into their pw authentication on that server as well. Can't ping user's credentials so it simply does not launch.

My experience as well.  Sad to know their sync server is a single point of failure for their entire ecosystem.

Thanks for the info everyone

My iPad  login works but lost windows access and cannot login to main website or install to a new  device

I sent a direct email to my last support tech. If I remember correctly, there was about a 12 hr delay on my last correspondence with him on a previous issue.  I think perhaps they are based in the UK. Not sure if everyone here is U.S. based, but it may be tomorrow before we hear back if so.

Same Issue Here

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