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"Sync Error: iCloud is not enabled"

I get this error message when I open my mSecure, however, iCloud back up is enabled within the mSecure app, and when I go to the iCloud setting on my iphone the mSecure app is ticked on (enabled), so why am I still getting the error message? 

Hi Christo,

I'm not sure what's happening here, but we'll get the issue resolved. Typically, the problem would be that you don't have iCloud Drive enabled on your iOS device. It looks like you have already checked this on your device, so that isn't the problem.

However, something on your device is causing mSecure to think iCloud is not enabled. mSecure simply asks iOS about the status of iCloud connectivity for the device, and then based on how iOS answers, it either performs the sync or it shows an error. In other words, mSecure doesn't make decisions about iCloud syncing on its own. I relies on the OS first, and only when the OS says it's OK to proceed will it be able to sync data.

I'm going to have you try disabling mSecure from your iPhone's Settings app. To do that, open the Settings app, tap your name at the very top of the screen, tap iCloud, and then tap "Show All." In the "Apps using iCloud" screen, scroll down and find mSecure, and then turn off the toggle to the right so that it cannot use iCloud.

After you have disabled iCloud usage for mSecure, use these instructions to turn off and then turn back on your iPhone:

Now, go back to the iCloud Settings and turn on the toggle to right of mSecure.

Did that have any effect on the problem?

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