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How to create more "Safes" / "Tresore"?


I am using mSecure V6 with an essentials account at WIN 10 and iOS 17.2.1. 

Under the heading "FILTERS" I see "Safes" (called "Tresore" in German). My safe is called "Private". 

How can I generate more "Safes" / more "Tresore?

I would be grateful for any tips!

Thank you for contacting us! The Private "Safe" or "Vault" (in English) is technically part of the "Cross-Account Sharing" feature. What the Vaults are used for is to create containers of data that can be shared between different mSecure accounts. For example, you may have family members you would like to share data with, but you don't want then to sign in to your account so that they have access to all your data, which is the only way sharing could be accomplished in previous versions of mSecure. In mSecure 6, you can connect those two accounts and use Vaults to share only the data you would like to share with your family. After connecting all accounts, you could create Vaults like "Streaming Services," "Home Codes," and "Payment Information" and then add each member that should have access to that data to each vault. After that, when you add a record to each Vault, all members added to the Vault would have access to the data stored in it.

If you have a Premium subscription, you can add Vaults to your account and simply used it for organizational purposes, but that's not encouraged. It's simpler to use tags instead. You can add any number of tags to your records, then search for data you need with those tags. When not sharing data between different accounts, tags fulfill all the same purposes of Vaults, but you don't have to set them up in the Sharing Center, and they are far more flexible.

Were you asking about Vaults with the intention of sharing data between different accounts?

Hello Mike,

thanks for your prompt and detailed reply!

My aim is to make some of my passwords available to a family member in case I am unable to use my passwords myself (e.g. due to serious illness). However, the family member does not have an mSecure account.

Is it possible to work with 2 mSecure databases on my WIN 10 PC? I would enter the passwords that my family member is allowed to use in one of them. And in the other "main" "main"-database I would enter my "private" passwords.

I hope that I have described my requirements clearly.

I'm happy to help! In order to share information using Vaults, all people involved must have mSecure accounts with Premium subscriptions. Also, for your PC, you can't work with multiple databases like in the older mSecure 3 app. You can have multiple installations on different Windows Profiles, but you can't run more than one mSecure account on the same Profile unless you deleted your database and signed in to a different account every time you needed access to one particular account.

Does the family member you are referring to have a device on which they can install mSecure?

Yes, the family member has a notebook, running Windows (WIN 10 or WIN 11, I am not quite sure)

They should have no problems running mSecure on their computer. The problem here is, mSecure does require a Premium subscription in order to share data on an ongoing basis. So if you were to have them set up an account now, they would have Premium access for free for one month. In that time, you could share as much data with them as you would like. However, after the 30 day period, the ability to share new data would stop. In a sense, the new account that was created will be sort of frozen. The person would be able to add new data to the app for themselves, but data you shared with them would not syncing over.

Do you know if the other person would be interested in having a Premium subscription to mSecure?

The idea of using an mSecure test account to create a "snapshot" of my passwords for the family member is a good one!

Unfortunately, my family member is not very familiar with PC programs or smartphone apps. He lives about 500 km away from me. It is therefore difficult for me to set up an mSecure test account or an mSecure Premium account for the family member at his computer.

Is it possible for me to create an mSecure installation on an USB stick that I can give to my family member? This would allow the family member and myself to bypass the installation issue at my familiy-members computer.

Unfortunately, there is no way to load mSecure on a USB stick. This is a difficult situation, because any options I could give are inevitably going to require the knowledge of a different password in order to keep the data you want to give to the other member secure. For example, you could get an encrypted USB thumb drive and store CSV exports of your data on the drive along with all the details on how to make use of it. The problem is, the other person would need to know the password in order to get at the data. There's really no way around this unless both parties have an app like mSecure in which data can be shared between accounts.

Many thanks for all your answers and tips!

I won't pursue the subject any further for the time being.

Maybe at the next family reunion there will be an opportunity for me to install an mSecure Premium account on the family member's PC.

No problem at all! I'm always happy to help. Please let me know if you need further assistance.

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