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I had to have a factory reset on my phone because there was an ad running across the middle of my phone screen and I went to the Verizon store where I live and they couldn't get it removed. They said that the only way to get it to stop popping up and covering my screen was to do a factory reset. Once they did this, I tried to open my MSecure account and I used my current password to do so but it wouldn't work. I tried to recover my original email like it asked me to, but I no longer have it in my Gmail. How can I regain access to my MSecure account if I no longer have the original email that I was sent by MSecure??? I don't even remember getting that email from you. I know and have my password that I have been using for years to get into my account but the login page is no longer accepting my password. What can I do to get into my account??? It isn't giving me any me any recovery questions so that I can prove that I am me, so what else can I do to get in? The application is not recognizing my phone number. Please help me!

Hi Michelle,

Thank you for contacting us, and I'm sorry for the issue you are experiencing. I was able to check your account with the email you are using here in the forum, and I did find it. I can see that the last update that was made on the account was back on November 19th, so it is active. I was thinking you may have been using the older version of the app, but it definitely looks like you have been using mSecure 6.

The first thing I need to do is make sure I know where things are going wrong. When you open mSecure now, it should be asking you to enter your email address and password to sign in to your account. When you enter those credentials, is it accepting them, or is it telling you your email and/or password is incorrect?

To be clear, your phone number is not going to help you in this context. In order to sign in to mSecure on a new device, or if the device has been factory reset as yours has, you have to know the email address for the account, which is your Username, the Password for the account, and you have to have the QR code, which is the authentication mechanism that lets mSecure know for sure that you are who you say you are.

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