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iPhone not syncing to Mac

I have the same number of entries on the data bases on both my iPad Pro running iPadOS 16.7.2 and my MacBook Pro running macOS 14.0, however the iPad displays a much smaller number of entries. I am syncing with mSecure Cloud and my iPhone running iOS 17.2 works great, so what is going on. I have no idea which version of mSecure is running on the three devices because I have auto-update on and  have no idea how to determine what version I have.

Hi Bob,

Thank you for contacting us. The first thing I need to do is get the versions of mSecure you're running, and you can find that in mSecure's Settings. On iOS, open mSecure, tap the menu button in the top left corner, then tap Settings. In Settings, scroll all the way down and tap About mSecure.

On Mac, open mSecure, then click "mSecure > About mSecure" in the top left corner of your screen.

What version does it show that you're running on all three devices?

Next, you say that everything works great on your iPhone. I take that to mean you see all your information in mSecure on that device. Is that a correct interpretation?

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