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Pin unlock on Android

Is it possible to add pin unlock to the Android app? At present there is Biometric unlocking but some tablets or phones do not have fingerprint readers or facial recognition. It is a bit of a pain to have to key in the full password every time.

On Windows, we can use Windows Hello which allows pin unlocking on top of fingerprint and facial recognition.

For security, there could be a limit to the number of consecutive unsuccessful tries a person can use to get it unlocked, and also there must be a way to disable it if the master password has been changed on any device that is linked to the same mSecure account (in case the device has been misplaced or stolen).

Hi JSeow,

Thank you for reaching out. This is a very tricky feature to implement, because it's not just as simple as making it possible to open the app with the 4-6 digit PIN. The reason these features work in iOS, Mac and Windows is because the OS has an encrypted and very secure hardware location where your password is stored. When either Face/Touch ID or Windows Hello authenticates the user, the OS securely retrieves the real password and hands it back to mSecure. At this time, I don't know if that's possible with Android, though I do know that in Android 11 (I think), they did create a secure location for data. That's how "Biometrics" works in the newer devices and why it is secure now, as it wasn't so secure back in the days before Android implemented the secure layer on the device.

I can have our developer look into this, but I have a hunch it's not possible. The different manufactures lock down the secure locations from any tampering, and the only way an app can utilize the memory is via supplied APIs from Google. I'll talk to our developer over the next couple of days to see if he knows something I don't (which he usually does =) and maybe I'll find out it's possible. Without being able to get access to that secured memory, we would not attempt to implement this type of feature on our own. It would be much too dangerous and could lead to compromised accounts in certain situations.

Hi Mike, No problem. I just thought I'd bring it up as a feature request. I do have a workaround so it is not an issue for me.

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