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Forgotten password to App (iOS)

Completely forgot my password as the app use to use my face recognition id but no longer provides that. I’ve now lost all my stored data,

Hi Amanda,

Thank you for contacting us, and I'm sorry for the issue you are experiencing. I checked our system, and what you're saying here doesn't make any sense. You have an account that was created in September of 2021. However, that account does not have a license on it, and a license is required in order to have access to Face ID in the iOS app. It's a paid feature.

Were you using the older mSecure 4 app by chance? If you were, you would have had access to Face ID in that app. If you recently upgraded your phone and then downloaded mSecure 6, that would be the problem here, because an mSecure 4 license does not apply to mSecure 6.

Can you provide more information on what led you to the place where you need to enter your password?

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