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'Show Sensitive' being masked

Hi Mike,

Something I noticed a couple of weeks ago but didn't have time to highlight - for some reason my sensitive data when I open up the app on my Win 11 is getting masked by default even though in 'settings -> Security -> Show Sensitive' is turned on. This is only happening on the Windows app, the iOS app is working as expected.

I've done the toggle on / off 'Show Sensitive. Initially that works, but when I restart the app it defaults back to being masked again even though the Show Sensitive toggle is still turned on.

Only a minor issue, but thought I'd flag it.

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Hi Ai,

Good to hear from you again! Today we received two other users reporting this issue, so we have a new bug.

The only work-around I've found until it's fixed is to click the eye icon in the top left of the middle column two times after you start the app. The first time you click it, it will change to an eye with a slash through it, then the second time it will change to just an open eye and your sensitive information will be displayed as it should.

One other thing to note, if you don't fully close mSecure but instead just lock the app either manually or let it lock automatically, the but doesn't show itself. It only shows itself when you fully close and reopen mSecure.

At any rate, we have this on our radar, and it will be fixed in the next release.

Thats brill Mike, thanks for acknowledging. Look forward to the fix :-) I'll use your suggested workaround until then.

No problem at all Ai! And thanks again for reporting the issue you found.

I am having the same issue. Thanks. Just wanted to report it. 


Thank you @Mark. This will be fixed in the next published release, though I'm not sure when it will be available in the Store.

Hi Mike,

I'm experiencing this same behavior as well. I thought it might be a conflict with the family subscription and Vault account. As example,  I set up a Vault for my Father (I handle his finances etc. so he shares all pw with me). He lives outta state so I can't get to the setting he has on his iPhone/iPad. I'm thinking he might have toggled the Show Sensitive off - which is affecting what I see on my end?

Also, the app and the desktop say different things and I suspect this might also be causing the conflict.
App "Hide Sensitive" (toggle On (blue) hides, toggle off (gray) shows pw).  - my app is set to gray (off), shows sensitive in app HOWEVER the symbol still shows a line thru it.
Desktop "Show Sensitive" (toggle on (blue) shows pw, toggle off (gray) hides) - my desktop is set to blue (on), sensitive is hiding pw as ****, I have to click symbol with line thru it to see pw

I think the logic is wrong between the systems - hence the behavior? Should the language be identical? I assume the app and desktop are on different platforms - two different teams configuring perhaps?

See the picture of what I'm seeing on my end.

Hope this helps!

@LeSha Thank you for getting in contact with us about this. One thing to mention is that this issue is already resolved in our development builds, so the fix will be in the app in the next release we publish. However, there are some things you mentioned in your message that I want to address, so I'll respond to them now. Hopefully it will alleviate any confusion there is between the different platforms.

First, the logic for how things are implemented on iOS/Mac and Android/Windows can be different when it comes to the specifics. For example, all of the apps should implement the "show/hide sensitive" feature on a high level. However, the implementation details are sometimes different, which is what's happening here between iOS and Windows. For iOS, you're deciding whether you want to hide sensitive data, and for Windows, you're deciding whether you want to show sensitive data. It's the same feature, but the implementation is different and that's totally OK. We try to avoid that as much as possible, but since different developers work on those two platforms, sometimes details are not quite the same.

Second, the difference described above has no effect on how each app functions. In the case of this topic, the "hide/show sensitive" feature is a "local" feature, meaning it's not synced between accounts, so it doesn't matter at all how it's implemented on each platform. You can change the toggle on one device and it will not change the feature on another. It hides and shows the sensitive data on that one device only. The problem here is that the functionality in the Windows app is not working correctly, so it's causing a bunch of confusion. So to be clear, how your Father hides and shows his sensitive data on each of his device will have no affect on how your sensitive data is hidden or shown on your devices.

Hi Mike, any idea of timescales for when the next release will be pushed out with this fix?


@Ai Sorry for the long wait in my reply! I'm in the process of doing a lot of testing this week, because we're hoping to release new versions for all platforms as soon as possible. I could be released as early as this week, but I'm not sure about that timeframe. If not this week, I will be doing all I can to get it published next week.

Thanks Mike, looking forward to it.

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