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Accounts and passwords are blank

Hello I purchased this app several years ago and have had it on my android phone for several years. I recently purchased another line and an iPhone. I wanted to have Msecure on it as well and that's when things went wrong. I have logged in my account using the thumbprint and not used a password for over 2 years. I could not remember my password so I logged into my account using the thumbprint and changed the password. Ever since then, all of my passwords and account names in Msecure are blank. It shows that I have 65 items in the app but they are all blank. I can't even log in to another device because the QR code that I get sent to my email says it is invalid. I was working with Nick via email but I have not heard anything from him for several days. HELP! PLEASE! 

Hi Brian,

It looks like you are dealing with an issue our developer hopes to have fixed over the last week. If you're willing to download the latest beta build for Android, that will help us determine if the issue is totally resolved. Please email us at, and add "Attention: Mike" in the subject line, then respond here letting me know you sent it. I'll get back to you as soon as I see the email.

Hello Mike, I sent the email. Thank you!

No problem at all Brian. I just sent you a response via email a few minutes ago. We'll keep our correspondence through email from here on out.

Hey Mike, I am experiencing the same issue that Brian is describing here. I created a post about it last night (, and opened up a help ticket--number 112825.

Are you able to provide assistance to get me up-and-running again?

@Matthew I just posted a response to the thread you created =)  I'll check your ticket now and respond via email.

I have an iPhone and have been using mSecure since 2009. My iPhone went to iPhone heaven last night… completely dead. I got a new phone and logged on to my account and nothing. Don’t know what to do!

@Rebel I checked your account with the email you use here in the support form, and it looks like the account was created just a couple of days ago on July 22nd. That means that the mSecure app on your old phone was other an older version of the app that didn't sign in to our account system, or it was the newer version and signed in to a different account.

Do you happen to know if you were running the older mSecure 4 app on your old phone? If so, do you remember making an email backup of your data at some point in the past? If so, we can try to restore your data from that backup. If you were running the new mSecure 6 app, do you know which email address you were using? It could not have been your "flywith..." email, because that email was used for the account created just a couple of days ago.

Mike thank you. I think I was running 4 or 5. I did find my backup … thank you. I uploaded it to the 6 version. I will start working with the new. Liked the free stuff. Thanks again for your help.. directed me in the right direction

@Rebel That's great news! Please let me know should you need further assistance.

I had to reset my password because I forgot what it was.  When I went to open the app, everything is gone!  I have a backup of all my files, but I can't remember what the old password was to recover!  I've sent in 3 requests.  I use this app 3-4 times a week and I'm freaking out..  Please help!

Hi Stroty,

Thank you for contacting us, and I'm sorry for the issue you are experiencing with your password. What you are describing here is nothing we have encountered before. When you reset your password, the app simply re-encrypts the security data, and the information stored in the app is not touched. Is it possible you have filters enabled that are hiding your information?

Real quick, what device are you running mSecure on? I believe it's an iOS device, but I'm not sure. Once I know, I can send instructions to make sure all your data is being displayed.

Good luck Stroty... mSecure had a bug in their software that if you changed the password after logging in with facial or fingerprint information and then changed your password because you couldn't remember it, all of your entries were blank. From what I was told, you need to restore a backup and enter that backups password to restore the entries... If you can't remember the password to the backup... Forget it, everything is lost then... Good luck. I hope you get a better resolution than I did.

@Brian Thank you for trying to help here, but what this customer is experiencing is not the issue you dealt with. Yours was an Android issue, and the data was made unavailable after changing your password from inside the app. That issue was resolved in an update we released as soon as we found out it was happening. @Stroty forgot his password, and reset his account, in which case, all data is deleted from the user's account as it should be.

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