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Adding family member that has an existing account

My wife and I have been using mSecure for a long time using separate accounts. I just subscribed to the family plan, but before I add my wife I wanted to confirm that her existing passwords will stay with her after she accepts the invitation. I’m guessing that her “private” vault stays the same, but then she would have access to shared vaults. No loss of existing data. Is that correct?

Thank you Robert. I believe I responded to your email just a bit ago. We'll keep our discussion via email from here on out.

I have a love hate relationship with this company.. your execution for upgrading products is bloody awful at best.  I go to your website and app to understand HOW to upgrade to the family plan, read your instructions and of course, nothing that you write as instructions is even visible after "open the mSecure App...".. complete garbage.  I should really change and get my entire family off your product as you over promise and under deliver continuously, but hey, your are now charging more.. that always seems to work. 

@Jean-Paul Do you want help with upgrading to a Family plan?

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