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Adding family member that has an existing account

My wife and I have been using mSecure for a long time using separate accounts. I just subscribed to the family plan, but before I add my wife I wanted to confirm that her existing passwords will stay with her after she accepts the invitation. I’m guessing that her “private” vault stays the same, but then she would have access to shared vaults. No loss of existing data. Is that correct?

Hi Robert,

Thank you for contacting us. Yes, when you add your wife's account email to your Family license, all that happens is she gets a Premium account covered by your license. Everything in mSecure stays the same. Nothing is touched except for the state of her account's license.

So I added my wife, and she accepted - all on the PC version. We are both running current versions on our PCs 6.1.349 and our iPhones 6.1.1 (962).

She can see our shared vault with two users and two items, but her account type didn't change - In Settings/Account/Account Type it still says Essentials (v5 Paid).  This leaves the little "nag" at the bottom of the left hand panel still says "Essentials Account ... Get more with mSecure Premium ... LEARN MORE" which I would expect to go away.

On her iPhone, it isn't working as expected. It also shows the account type as Essentials, and has the "nag" at the bottom saying "You have an Essentials account  Get more with mSecure Premium! UPGRADE NOW". Again, I would expect this to go away.  More importantly, the shared vault shows up but is listed as having 0 items. In sharing center is shows the shared vault as having 2 members and no records.

Seems like the sharing didn't quite happen correctly?

premium to family account 

I have no idea what Richard means by the comment "premium to family account".  Neither my wife nor I had a premium account before. We each had an Essentials "(v5 paid)" account. Then, I upgraded to family, and added her as the first family member.

Hi Robert,

Were you able to get this figure out? There are two different features when it comes to two or more different accounts interacting with one another. The first is about sharing data, and that's the Cross-Account Sharing feature. You find everything you need for that feature in the "Sharing Center" of the app. The second is only about licensing, and you get access to that with either a Family or Team subscription. You'll find the UI for adding licenses to your subscription in the Settings of the app.

It looks like you have the sharing part taken care of, which is good news. It also looks like you may have figured out the licensing as well, but I want to make sure. After you added your wife to your Family License in the Settings of mSecure, is her account now showing that's it's a Premium account?

Hi Mike. Thanks for the reply.  No, it is still a problem, actually two problems.

My account is working fine on both Windows and iPhone.

After adding my wife as a user, and sharing a vault with her (with Read/Write), she is able to see the shared vault, but she still has two problems.  

First licensing: On both her Windows laptop and iPhone, her account still shows "Essentials (v5 Paid)".  I would expect it to show "Family" in both places.

Second sharing: On her Windows laptop, the shared vault shows 2 items and she can see those items. This is correct. On her iPhone the same shared vault shows zero items.  This is incorrect.

Not sure what to do about either of these issues.


Hi Robert,

I suspect everything will be fixed once your wife's account is seen as a Premium account, which is what will happen once your Family license is recognized in each of her mSecure accounts. To be clear, her account will not be displayed as a Family account. All accounts covered by a Family subscription are shown as Premium accounts.

I'm going to have you open mSecure on all your wife's devices. When you open it, however, don't unlock the app. So if she's using Face ID, don't look at the phone when you open mSecure. Now, on the dark gray lock screen, what email do you see at the top of it on each device?

Hi Robert,

Also, I just checked your subscription, and I don't see any account added to the Family license. Can you please open the Settings of mSecure, not the Sharing Center, and then tap "Family License"? Do you see your wife's email added as a member?

Her email is not listed there (not sure why).  Do you want me to add it?

So I added my wife through the "Family Licenses" in Settings, and things are kinda working  but strange.

On my Windows laptop and my  iPhone, things look good. Family licenses shows both my wife and I (me as Owner, my wife has a trash can next to her). Account type is Family Account. Sharing center shows one user, my wife with 1 vault with Read/Write priveleges. Sharing center shows 1 vault (KnRShared), with 2 users (me as owner, wife as  Read/Write), and the vault shows two items (correct).

On my wifes Windows laptop, Family licenses shows 2, but they are both my wife's email, and both say "Owner". The Account type says Family Account. Sharing Center shows one user, me with 1 vault (KnRShared) with Owner priveleges. Sharing center shows 1 vault (KnRShared) with 2 users (me as Owner, and my wife as Read/Write), and the vault shows two itmes (correct).

On my wifes iPhone, there is no "Family licenses" in settings, the Account type is "Premium Account". Sharing Center shows one user, me with 1 vault (KnRShared) with Owner privleges. Sharing Center shows 1 vault (KnRShared) with 2 users (me as Owner and my wife as Write) with 2 records.

So, please advise on what I should do to get all four machines working as you would like. Seems like the wife's Windows app is the "incorrect" one (Shows Family Account, shows Family Licenses, shows wife as two users). She is running the latest version of the app.  I'm wary of removing the shared vault, removing the shared user, deleting her as a family license and trying again. I dont understand what her license will go back to if I remove her license from my account. Let me know. 

Hi Robert,

I believe I know what's going on here, and our developer is looking into a solution for it. I have a few questions for you before I get too sure of myself though.

First, can you let me know if you and your wife are signed in to the same Microsoft account on both your PCs? You should be able to check in the Store app to see which email address shows in the profile picture at the top of the Store app on both computers.

Second, do you remember how your wife's mSecure account was created? Did you create the account on your computer? Sometimes users will have two profiles on the same computer, and they will sign in to different mSecure account in the two profiles.

Third, is everything working correctly right now? I know the Family Licenses screen is wrong since it shows your wife's account as an owner and a member, but is mSecure on her PC working correctly?

Hi Mike.

First: My wife and I are signed into our separate microsoft accounts on our own laptops. Note: Her microsoft account is based on a different email than her mSecure account, if that matters. My Microsoft account and mSecure account are based on the same email. I can give you details if you need, but I'd rather not post our email addresses here.

Second: I'm pretty her mSecure account was created on her computer. Neither of us has a separate profile on the others computer - I can't sign in as me on her computer, and she can't sign in as her on my computer.

Third: I believe everything is "working" but honestly I haven't really tested it a lot, until I felt certain that the account problem was resolved. So yes, appears to be working correctly, but not tested heavily.

Let me know if you need anything else.

Hi Robert, let's move this over to email support so I can get your wife's mSecure account username from you. I need to look at the account really quick to see if anything looks out of order.

Also, please do run the app a bit on her computer, or have her do so, to make sure everything's working correctly. Just knowing things like syncing changes is working would probably be enough. And definitely confirm what type of account you see in mSecure's Account Settings on her device.

After you email me at "," message me here in this thread. I'll respond to your email as soon as I see it.

Hi Mike. I have just sent an email to

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