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Constant syncing

Since the latest update (currently on, the app is constantly syncing, which is making it difficult to add new records as the "plus" button disappears when the syncing bar appears. Is this a bug?

Hi Ben,

Thank you for contacting us. What you're describing should not be happening, so I'm guessing it is a bug. However, you are the first person, at least to my knowledge, that has reported this happening. When you say it's constantly syncing, can you tell me what you did before it started syncing? Are you simply unlocking the app and it just doesn't stop syncing? Do you know which sync feature you are using?

Hi Mike, I logged in today and just noticed the app was syncing and then saying sync complete and then immediately it would sync again, then sync complete, etc, etc. I am syncing using the msecure cloud.
Hi Mike, I just tried the app on a different device and noticed everything was fine. So going back to the original device, I just closed msecure down completely (normally it is "locked" open and never closes down completely) and restarted it and it seems to be fine now. I don't know what the original problem was, but it is fixed now. Thanks, Ben

No problem at all Ben, and thank you for following up. I suspect something was caught up in memory, so you did exactly what I was going to have you do after getting more information from you. Sometimes things like this will clear up either after restarting mSecure and/or the device.

Thank you very much for your time, and please let us know should you need further assistance.

I'm severely affected by this issue, and have been for  over a week.  I am unable to navigate in the app, or view records.

On launch, msecure reports "syncing data", and I am not allowed to scroll or open a record.  After less than 10 seconds of attmepting to sync, android warns "msecure6 isn't responding". No matter how many times I click "wait", the process repeats.

Restarting the app does not produce a different result.

Restarting the phone does not produce a different result.

I used to have the msecure desktop app, and had backup over LAN selected.  Perhaps the android install is still searching for it?

@Andrew I'm not sure what's happening here, but it may have something to do with the Wi-Fi syncing. However, we just released version to the Google Play store, and it was supposed to have fixed various issues, one of which was related to Wi-Fi syncing. Have you been able to download that new version of the app onto your Android device?

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