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still cannot print just the selected record and search is still pathetic

I am posting this as a feature request but it is about basic things that are needed.

 I reported this to support a long time ago and now the next major release is here and they still do not work.
They've had a long time to fix basic things and seem to refuse to do that.

It should be SO SIMPLE to make the print function print the selected record or records.
As it has been forever, the user is required to apply search arguments that result in only that record  or those records listed.
Truly pathetic.

And, to make matters worse, search is also still truly pathetic.
They  were told a long time ago about this too and still nothing has been done.
It is the most simple-minded search function I have ever encountered.
Make it useful for finding more than the OR of individual words.
In other words, a real search function.

And, search should be usable within found records.
Records are not always just a paragraph or 2 and with search being so pitiful it is hard to tell
why a particular record was found let alone where the "hits" are in it.

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