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Family Plan

I saw that the family plan is available but I can’t find the prices for it. My husband and I were Both previous v5 users who took the upgrade offer and now have premium v6 I believe it’s called subscriptions. We like it but would like to be able to share a few passwords with my brother who currently doesn’t use mSecure and my husband and I would like to share a few things that I am not sure if I could do better way in family plan. What would be cheapest way for us?

Hi Jerri,

Thank you for contacting us! I'll list out the Family Plan pricing below. The discount really only kicks in if you have more than 2 people in your family circle using the app, as the base cost will essentially be the cost of 2 Premium subscriptions. So if you would like to give your brother one of the 5 licenses in a Family Plan, you would definitely be saving money.

Here is the Family Plan pricing:

  1. Monthly Billing Frequency: $5.99 per month / $71.88 per year
  2. Yearly Billing Frequency: $59.99 per year / $4.99 per month

Just to be clear, since we haven't released yet, it's possible these prices may change a bit. I don't foresee that happening, but if there is a change I don't want anyone to be caught off guard.

Real quick, in mSecure you don't have to have a Family Plan in order to share information between accounts. You can link any Premium accounts with one another and share data between all of them, regardless of whether those you share with are in your family. For example, you could meet someone at work that happens to use mSecure and has a Premium subscription, find out you have a few pieces of digital information you need to share with each other, then connect your accounts, set up a vault and add information for both of you to view. The Family Plan will simply be a way to save some money and easily manage 5 licenses in a context where every member isn't having to purchase their own separate license.

In short, as long as everyone has a Premium subscription, you can share select information between accounts using Shared Vaults. So if you and your husband have two Premium accounts right now, you can connect those accounts and share data in a vault. Right now, do you know if you and your husband have separate mSecure accounts, and if so, are they both Premium accounts?

Thanks for the reply above Mike but I didn't see the family plan pricing for 6.1 listed out as referenced? I'm looking forward to all of the new features!

@Jerri and @Joe Sorry for my oversight in my last response. It looks like I got side-tracked with what I was saying in the 2nd paragraph and forgot to enter the pricing! I just added it to the post.

Thank you sir, completely understand, it happens to us all. I appreciate the prompt reply.

No problem at all Joe! Let me know if you have any other questions.

Thanks for the info. I think we both have premium but that is recent after I was messing with the vaults and I made him upgrade.  He doesn’t utilize near the features of MSecure that I do. He just uses basic password storage in it where I use the tags, vaults, and the different forms of things you can put into it.  I have everything from our passports in mine to our vaccine records. I even modify the templates. He saw one of the modified templates and said my don’t look like that. How do you get them like that. He had no clue the things the program would do. It’s frustrating though that my templates can’t be used in his. That’s why I was thinking a family plan would be nice as all my templates would be there for him to use. 

@Jerri Unfortunately, at this time, we don't have an option for syncing templates between different accounts. It would seem like that would be a simple thing to add, but it's one of those features that would take a lot of planning, and so we held off on it for the first releases. If we do hear more from people wanting that type of feature, it's definitely possible it could be added. For now, cross account sharing is just to get the data shared between accounts and not template data.

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