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Soporte mSecure

I need help ASAP

I had to reset my phone and I can't get into msecure  and need to change the password without losing my information.  Is there a contact number?  This is ridiculous!

Hi Patti,

Thank you for contacting us. Unfortunately, we don't offer telephone support at this time, but I'm happy to try to help here in the forum or via email.

Due to how mSecure protects your information, there is no way to reset your password without deleting your information. The account password is part of the security information that encrypts the data stored in the app, so without that piece of data, there is no way to decrypt the information.

Real quick, are you saying you no longer have access to mSecure on any of your devices?

What is the email address that I can use to contact you?

@Kim You can ask any questions you would like here in the support forum, or you can email us at Are you experiencing a problem in mSecure?

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