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detailed instructions for importing Password Plus database into Mac

I am a longtime user of PW Plus on a Mac. Since PW plus is being discontinued, I am in need of detailed instructions for importing my PW Plus database into mSecure 6. My Mac is running the latest MacOS (13.2 Ventura).  I have exported my PW Plus database (DB) as a .csv file.

I am not a database manager, so I am not clear how to import this dB. I have MS Excel (via Office 365). I have seen instructions for how to import DBs from other PW mangers. And I have also read that the Notes field in PW Plus causes problems on the import.

When I set up the Excel file, do I need to insert the exact column headers that are shown in the above instructions?

Or can I just strip out the Notes from the Excel file created from the .csv and then do a direct import.

mSecure was suggested to me by DataViz as an easy successor to the now defunct PW Plus, but as stated above, I am not a database manager and would need help doing a successful import.

Thanks for any help with this!

Hi Caroline,

Thank you for contacting us and welcome to mSecure! In order to import your data from your PW+CSV export, you'll first need to download mSecure onto your Mac, and create an account. After you have created an account, you'll simply open mSecure, click "File > Import DataViz Passwords Plus CSV" in the menu bar at the top left of your screen. You'll be asked to locate the file you exported from PW+, and then you can open the file to import it.

Were you able to download mSecure, create an account and then import your PW+ data Caroline?

Hi Mike,

I have created an account, and exported my PW Plus database as a CSV file.

I have not yet tried the import because , as stated above, I have read that the Notes field in PW Plus causes problems in the import, and I have a lot of entries in the Notes field.

It sounds like you are advising me that as of now, there won't be any such problems, is that correct?

Thanks for your help.


Hi Caroline,

Unless I'm mistaken, the early issues people were having with importing was only happening in the Windows version of the app, and that issue was fixed very quickly. Since that fix, we have run into a couple of bugs in the CSV export file that's created by Passwords Plus. One of those bugs we were able to account for in mSecure, but there was one or two that we were not able to make work in mSecure. For the Mac version, the importing has always been rock solid, so you shouldn't have any problems.

You can go ahead and sign in to your "" account in the Mac mSecure app and import your data. While I don't think anything will go wrong, if something does, you would still have your CSV file so there would be no harm done to your data. We would just to try to figure out what went wrong and try to help you get your data imported correctly

Thanks, Mike!

The import went off without a hitch, and I was able to sync to the app on my iPhone.

All good!


Awesome news Caroline!! Please let me know should need further assistance.

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