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MSecure 4 to MSecure 6

Does the free MSecure 6 account work the same as my previous msecure 4 account after the trial period? In other words, will it sync to dropbox as it does now? If there are limitations, what are they? Also, does the fingerprint access not work because I am on a Samsung phone?

Hi Richard,

Thank you for contacting us. mSecure 4 was not a free app, so it never synced without paying for a license. With that version, before you could download it from the app stores on iOS or Android, you had to pay $9.99 for the app. Only after you paid for it would it download. After you paid for the app and downloaded, then syncing would work. In other words, without paying for a license, you couldn't run mSecure 4. mSecure 3 for desktop, on the other hand, did have a 30 day trial where all of it's features worked to try out the app. However, after that 30 days expired, syncing would no longer work unless you paid for the license.

mSecure 6 for all platforms works like mSecure 3 for desktop. You have a free 30 day trial where all features are enabled. After the 30 days expires, none of the Premium or Essentials features like syncing and backups/restore work until a subscription is purchased.

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