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Password Problem

My mSecure PW works on my cell phone app but not on my IMAC computer. Can someone call me through how to correct this. Calling is better for me. I’m older and this texting is difficult for me.

Hi Kevin,

Thank you for contacting us. Unfortunately, we don't have telephone support at this time, but I can still help here in the forum. I'm hopeful that whatever is happening here is a simple fix, and I'll send instructions when I figure out exactly what's happening.

I just tried to find your mSecure account with the email you are using here in the forum. However, I couldn't find an account with that email address. This would indicate that you are either using the older version of mSecure, or you using a different email address for your account in mSecure 6.

Do you know which version of mSecure you are using on both your phone and your iMac?\ When you look at the app icon on your devices, does it have a bright blue background behind the key or is the background a very dark blue color?

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