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I cannot lot into mSecure on my new iPhone 14, nor to my laptop

I have access to mSecure on my old iPhone 10, but I need to send it back in 2 days. Without passwords I can't do anything: can't pay my bills, ... literally life stops and I will be punished by having to pay late fees etc.

Can I somehow export the data into a human readable csv format?

I tried the following:

1. from my old phone I emailed the QR code. I used it as directed on my new iPhone/Laptop, but it failed. See attached pictures.

2. used the camera on my new iPhone while displaying the QR code on my old iPhone. Still FAIL 

See attached pictures.

For some reason I cannot see the pictures I attached

Hi Edita,

I'm not sure what's happening here, but I should be able to help. The screenshots you are showing me only show that you are able to sign in to your account, but you now need to authenticate as the owner of the account with your QR code. That QR code is only viewable in the email that would have been sent to your email address when you first set up the account, or it can be viewed and scanned from the Account Settings of any mSecure app you have access to.

You mention needing to send your old phone in in 2 days. Do you still have the phone, and are you able to open mSecure? If so, open the app on your old phone, tap the menu button in the top left (3 stacked lines), then tap Settings. Tap "Account Settings" in the Settings screen, then tap the option to "View Authentication QR Code." You can scan the code that appears on your old phone in mSecure on your new phone when it asks you to authenticate. 

That is exactly what I have done. I used the old phone to display the QR code, as in the attached picture. In the picture you don't see the QR code, because I did not want to show it, but it shows that process. I am getting the "Invalid Account Key" message.

I also resent the QR code via an email and imported from the pdf. It still did not recognize. I am getting the same message.

Somehow the QR code generated is incorrect.

Attached is the screenshot I took of my old phone showing the QR code (covered by a piece of paper so it is not visible), but you can see the message "Invalid QR Code"

Image3.jpg Image3.jpg
2.15 MB

If I need to purchase a new copy of mSecure 6 (it is on sale now for appx $14, I saw) I will purchase it, but how do I make sure that I can recover the passwords that I have in my old phone now?

Also how do I export the records into a human readable csv file (or similar)?

Hi Edita,

I'm not sure what's happened here, but somehow the encrypted Account Key on your device is out of sync, and it can't be used to authenticate you as the owner of your account. We see this occasionally, but we're not sure how the app gets into this state. Unfortunately, the only way I know of to get out of that state is to reset the account. That can be a little tricky, but we'll get everything fixed up.

I think the safest way to do this is going to be to have you simply create a new account on your new phone. After you do that, I'll help you backup your data on your old phone and move it over to your new account on your new phone. After everything's transferred, I'll transfer your license over to the new account.

First, on your new phone, please delete the mSecure app. After it's deleted, reinstall mSecure from the App Store app. After reinstalling the app, go ahead and sign up (don't try to sign in again) for a new account. For the email, go ahead and use the same email address. I changed the email for your current account, so you'll have no problems using your same email address.

Were you able to create the new account Edita?

Yes. I was able to create a new account: same email as before, different password.

Now we have to import the records. 


Hi Edita,

I'm sorry I didn't get back to you yesterday, but we should be able to get this taken care of today since the backup/restore is the only things left to do.

On your old phone, follow these instructions:

  1. Open mSecure, and unlock the app using Face/Touch ID, or enter your password manually
  2. Tap the menu icon in the top left (3 stacked lines), then tap "Settings"
  3. Tap "Email Backup" to create a new backup of your data
  4. In the "To" field, enter an email address that you have access to in the "Mail" app on your iOS device, then tap "Send" in the top right to send the email backup

On your new phone, follow these instructions to restore the backup in the new account you just created:

  1. Open the Mail app on your device, and find the email with your backup file attached
  2. Tap the attachment, then tap "Copy to mSecure"  NOTE: If you are running mSecure 4.5 on your iOS device, there will be 2 "Copy to mSecure" icons. Tap the one that has the new, dark blue background behind the key logo.
  3. After mSecure is opened, use Touch/Face ID or enter your password to unlock the app
  4. Tap the red "Restore" button when prompted

Were you able to transfer your information?

Whew!!! It worked. Last second, because we were about to fully reset and send the phone to Apple.  Thanks!!!

One more request: please email me a procedure to get my data in human readable csv format. 
It is my data, so I should have access to it.

Thank you very much!!!

Hi Edita,

It's great to hear you were able to get your data moved over to your new phone! For CSV exports, do you have mSecure running on a desktop computer?

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