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Unable to restore mSecure 6 Backup form iOS to Android

I'm trying to restore an mSecure backup from my iOS device to a new Android phone. I had automated backups setup on my iPhone to iCloud, so I copied the latest backup file to my Google drive, and now I'm trying to restore that backup file to my new phone but it won't work. 

The message I get when choosing the file is:

"Please choose backup file"


Hi Jay,

Thank you for contacting us. I'm not sure how you're trying to restore your backup, but as long as you have moved the backup from iCloud to your Android device's "mSecure" folder, you should have no problems restoring from it in mSecure's Settings on your Android. To start troubleshooting, can you let me know what the name of the backup file you moved is? Please tell me the entire name of the file including the 4 characters after the period. Also, where did you move the backup to on your Android device? What folder is it now contained in? Lastly, how are you going ab out trying to restore from the backup you moved to your Android deivce?

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