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Do this if mSecure version 6.0.6 stops asking for your fingerprint

Today, my mSecure stopped asking me for my fingerprint and prompted me to enter my password, which I forgot... In the topic linked below, a user recommended to manually change the date to 2 weeks in the past to reactivate the fingerprint scanning log in:

This worked for me beautifully so I went to Settings, Change password, entered my "current password" using my fingerprint (thank God this was an option) and entered a new password for mSecure. Then I changed the date back to "Automatic" and was able to enter the correct password when prompted.

Just thought I'd share as I went into proper panic mode there for a while.

Hi Steffano,

Thank you for contacting us confirming the work-around Christophe found worked for you as well. It's good to hear you were able to regain access to your mSecure app.

I had the exact same issue and followed the advice above and it worked. Thank you so much!!

I'm happy this could help at least one person! Delighted for you Emily!

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