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Cannot login to msecure app after android 13 update

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Hi Peter,

Thank you for contacting us, and I'm sorry for the issue you are experiencing. It looks like you're running into a known issue causing the older mSecure 4 app to crash shortly after launching the app. The reason this is happening is because that version of the app is no longer supported, and it hasn't been updated in over 5 years.

After checking our system, I can see you created an account with your "" email address some time ago, but it seems to no longer be in use. This should mean you're new to mSecure 6, which should also mean you have been using the older, unsupported version of mSecure.

When you look at the app icon for the mSecure app that is closing after you open it on your phone, is it a very dark blue color with a white key, or is it more of a brighter blue color with a sort of silver key?

If it's the bright blue icon with a silver key, you have been using mSecure 4, and all you'll need to do is download mSecure 6, sign in to your account, and then import your data from the Settings of the new app. First, go ahead and click on this link to download mSecure from the App Store app on your phone if you haven't already installed it:

After mSecure 6 is installed, open the app and try to sign in by entering your "" email address and the password you think you used when you originally set up the account.

Were you able to sign in to mSecure 6?

If you were able to sign in, tap the menu button in the top left corner of mSecure 6 (3 stacked lines), then tap Settings. In the Settings screen, scroll down and tap "Restore from mSecure 4."

Were you able to import your information into mSecure 6?

Just upgraded to mSecure6 since old version stopped working after last Android update.  Restore does not work.  Keep getting error "Unfortunately, the restore process failed."  I need my passwords!

FYI - my old password was only 4 characters.  mSecure6 requires password to be 8 characters min.  Is this why it won't import my data?

Hi Paul,

I'm not sure what's happening here, but I helped a different customer last week through this same issue. For some reason, the migration file and other auto-backups are not able to be restored from. It's interesting that you bring up that you were only using a 4 character password in mSecure 4. I'm not sure why that would be a problem, because even though mSecure 6 asks you set an 8 character password, that's not strictly enforced. I will ask our developer if he can check the 4 character password issue to see if that's the cause, but we have to work around this problem another.

For the other customer I helped, I had to have him restore the backup on a different device. Do you happen to have a computer or a different type of device (like an iOS device) you can install mSecure 6 on?

Thanks for responding.  I do have the desktop version installed on my laptop Windows 11.  That program does not seem to have any ability to restore.  It seems like it just syncs with the Android app.  I have uninstalled mSecure6 and restarted and reinstalled.  Each time it looks like it's going through the restore process (I can see the data flash in the background) but then error message "Unfortunately, the restore process failed" every time.  I have tried going directly to both the back-up file and the msecure4-migration.msim file and open with - selecting mSecure6.  That does nothing but open mSecure 6 without any data.

Re the password.  My login to mSecure on the web is different than the password I use for the app.  The mSecure6 and previous mSecure4 have the same 4 character password.

Hi Paul,

I talked with our developer about the 4 character password, and he says that is not a problem, so the issue is somewhere in the restore process itself. The easiest thing to do here is to simply move the "migration.msim" file from your Android device to your PC, then you can use the Restore feature in mSecure's Settings on your PC.

On your Android device, open the "mSecure" folder on your device's Internal Storage, then move the "msecure4-migration.msim" file to your PC's desktop. You can do that a number of ways, but worst case, simply attach the file to an email and email to yourself. After you have the file on your desktop, open mSecure, then click the gear icon in the bottom left corner. Click "Backups" in the left column, find the button to restore from a backup, locate the backup on your desktop and open it.

Were you able to restore the data in mSecure on your PC?

You are a genius.  Thank you, thank you, thank you.  I was also able then to sync back to my Android phone and it imported the data successfully.  Please let Liam Thropp know how to do this as well.  He has been working on a ticket for me for 2 weeks.

My name is Peter not Paul I think you have replied to the wrong person

@Peter I'm not sure what you are referring to here. @Paul was responding to the message I posted helping him with getting his data restored on his PC. Multiple people can post in a thread. I'm the mSecure support rep, and I mention other people with an "@" symbol before their name, so @Paul was responding to me. I believe I'm helping you in a different thread or via email.

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