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Customer satisfaction; windows store

I have used mSecure since it was a Palm Pilot program, it's always been a solid password manager. I don't _like_ the move to a subscription model, but I understand the business side of it. I don't know if I'd subscribe to it now - but the CEO or owner or whoever Mike is - I've seen him in these forums talking to people with complaints or issues and really doing the best possible by the older paid-version customers. 

As a user grandfathered in, I can't complain.

This isn't the palm pilot days, where things moved slower, you didn't need to have servers and constantly having to update your features to support the speed that Apple or Google are making and changing things. Thankfully even in those days, there was a desktop app, so you didn't have to enter everything in with the grafiti input system.

So it goes, and I wish you guys luck, I'll keep using my grandfathered in msec because it does everything I need it to, and I like using it.

Gripe: Windows desktop version of msecure now comes through the Microsoft Store which is a dumpster fire IMNSHO. It will download things over a course of many days, despite being on a fast internet connection, and it can't even get out of it's own way. Again, a not-so-humble-opinion is that you should offer binary downloads from your website, you know, like they used to do in the 1900's. MS store is trash. :) I kid you not - this is 2 days of having MS store download updates. I don't think it's going to happen before the next reboot or whatever MS problem is... 

Hi Brooks,

Thank you for contacting us and for your feedback. We do understand the change to subscriptions wasn't a popular move with some of our customers, but we did try to do right by grandfathering in our V5 Pro users. Thank you very much for your understanding and we hope to earn more of your business with the features we plan to implement in the Premium subscription!

For the Windows desktop version, we know it would be very convenient to provide a .exe file on our site like we did in the older version of the app. The reason we switched to distributing through the Microsoft Store was because back before the release of mSecure 5, Microsoft pushed developers hard into using the Store. At the time, they were also telling us that in time it was going to be the only way to distribute apps, since they were making their Windows Phone at the time and wanted to give developers a way for creating one binary for all different types of devices. Since that time, of course, the Windows phone crashed and burned, the Store is not popular like they assumed it would be, and they have simply changed all sorts of things for 3rd party developers. In short, we believed the Microsoft development landscape would be much, much different than it turned out to be now.

At some point, we do hope to get a .exe on our site again, but, of course, doing that is not trivial at all, and surprisingly, not many customers have problems downloading mSecure from the Store. So we're focusing on other priorities at this time.

For your particular problem, I haven't seen it take this long to download an app from the Store. I think something is stuck in your download, and I'm not sure what would be causing it. Based on my experienced, I highly doubt it's either of the apps in the queue. I would actually stop the downloads if possible, then reboot your computer and start the downloads again. Hopefully, that will get the downloads back on track.

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