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App wont open

My app won't open and says there is a bug in the app and to wait for the developer to release an update. I've emailed twice now and no helpful information has been provided.

Hi Dale,

Thank you for contacting us, and I'm sorry for the issue you are experiencing. This is happening to the mSecure 4 app, because it is no longer supported and hasn't been updated in more than 5 years. The new Android 13 release has caused some customers to see the message you are now seeing, and it will continue to happen more and more in updates to come.

The best way to fix this is to upgrade to mSecure 6. However, that does require signing up for a subscription. The other thing you can do is simply reinstall mSecure 4 from your previously purchased apps in the Play Store, but that is more risky if you don't have your mSecure data available in either mSecure 3 or mSecure 4 on a different device.

Do you have access to your information in mSecure 3 on a desktop computer or mSecure 4 on a different mobile device? Also, are you interested in upgrading to mSecure 6?

It seems like twisting arm to upgrade and pay

@Marwan What do you mean? You can sign up for a subscription from our website or from inside the app. It should not be difficult to do so.

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