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Getting into mSecure on my new iPhone 14

How can I get into mSecure on my new iPhone 14. Or how can I talk to someone?

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It should be no problem setting up the mSecure app on your new iPhone as long as you know the email address and password for your account. To best help you, I need to know if you are currently able to open any version of mSecure on at least one device and if that mSecure app has all your information stored in it. If so, it should be very easy to get your data imported into mSecure 6 on your new device.

I have the same problem. I am still able to get into mSecure on my old iPhone 10, but I need to send it back in 2 days.

I am starting a new thread, because I cannot get anyone on a phone and my situation is fairly urgent.

Can I get a phone number or chat where I can talk real time with customer support? I can't wait 24 hours for a response. I need access to my passwords. I am not sure why there is no urgency on side of mSecure people.

Please understand that without my passwords everything stops, can't pay bills, can't do anything. It is a serious issue

@Edita I just responded to your other post, and it has instructions for how to authenticate as the owner of your account in mSecure on your new phone. We'll keep the correspondence there from here on out.

Also, we don't offer telephone support at this time, but I should be able to get you through this pretty quickly via our forum posts.

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