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Please help.

I believe I have a mSecure subscription, which I would like to activate across two or three Apple devices (MacMini, iPhone and maybe iPad). But your system is not recognising my password or allowing me to reset it. Can you check for me?  (My user email is

Kind regards, Chris

Hi Chris,

Thank you for contacting us. I'm not sure what's happening here, but I can't find a subscription on your account. Are you sure you signed up for a subscription, and if so, do you have receipt for the purchase you made? It's possible you purchased it from inside the Mac mSecure app, but I can't see purchases made through the Apple App Stores, and the subscription was not created in our system, so I have to figure out what's happening.

Also, when you reset your password without being able to open the app, you do need to understand that you are actually resetting your mSecure account. This means that all data stored in mSecure will be destroyed when you do this. So before you go any further trying to reset anything, please respond to this email first.

When you say the system is not recognizing your password, what do you mean? Are you able to open the mSecure app on at least one of your devices, and if so, do you see all your information?

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