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Expiration of records

Hi there, what is the time line for implementing the ability to signal the expiration of records. I need this feature very badly, since I have lot of records which are going to expire not far from now. Regards, Andreas

Hi Andreas,

I'm not sure which feature you are referring to here. Is there a "record expire" feature we have talked about before? I know we have talked about having the ability to set a notification to let you know if a certain piece of data needs to be changed, like a Credit Card is going to expire, or a password needs to be changed on a regular basis. Is that the functionality you are referring to?

 Hi MIke,

I am referring to your roadmap of upcoming features. There you announce "Expiration Dates for Records". This is the exact feature I want to know about.

Sorry if I did confuse you. I am not native English speaker...

Btw, go on doing your good job. I am a thankful user of msecure. It makes the life easier.



That's no problem at all Andreas, and thank you for the clarification! I actually stumbled upon the roadmap page yesterday, and I saw the feature you are referring to there. We have our 6.1 release already fully mapped out, and I know the "Expiration Dates for Records" feature won't be included in that next release. The soonest it will be available would be in the 6.2 release, which has not been totally planned yet. We know we will be focusing on the Browser Extensions and the Security Center for 6.2, but there will be other features added as well. Unfortunately, at this time, I'm not sure if it will be one of the features added to 6.2.

MSecure is a very powerful tool and is really only used by customers that understand the functionality properly. Expiration of records is a very logical next step. I recently booked an international trip and my passport was expired as well as my Clear access at the airport. I would have assumed using a specific expiration date field would have triggered basic notification to me. This doesn’t seem to be a complex coding issue so I hope it can be included in the near future. Thanks again for making MSecure such a powerful application. I look forward to seeing these enhancements very soon. John Klimaszewski.

@John Thank you for your additional feedback on this feature. I can confirm for you it is on our radar for an upcoming release. It shouldn't be a terribly difficult feature to implement, though I've said that before and been wrong, so I'm hoping it can be squeezed into our 6.2 release. No promises on that timeframe, but that's the note I have placed in the feature request. If not, I would expect it in 6.3.

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