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New Phone with mSecure 6

I forgot to generate a QR code from my old phone after I transferred to my new phone before it was wiped  I logged in on my new phone with my username and password but it wants me to scan the QR code. I thought I found my original and scanned it but it said the QR code scanned does not verify who I am. It's the only QR code I ever received from mSecure. So I have my username, password, but apparently not the correct QR code. Please don't tell me there is not way for me to access my vault. I have years of passwords and account info in there. I am royally Fd if can't regain access.

Hi Craig,

Thank you for contacting us. The QR code you scan does have to be accepted by mSecure in order to decrypt the security information needed for decrypting the data stored in mSecure. What I think is happening here is that you have the QR code from when your account was originally created back in April of 2018. However, I can see that you changed the password for your account back on September 28th of 2021. When you change the password to your account, a new QR code gets sent out, and that's the on you need to authenticate as the owner of your account. Do you have access to an Authentication Email from 9/28/21 by chance?

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