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Change my email address

I need to change my email address because I am using an office mail  address and I am changing the company. How can I do?


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Hi Mike, so how do we migrate the data to the new app?

Also address is about to cease. due to iiNet no longer supporting any email service as at 30 April 23.

I guess they are allowing further time for users to set up   so new email address supported by another provider.

@ausgaz The migration process is very simple. You download mSecure 6 onto the same device mSecure 4 is running on, and when you go through the process of setting up a new account, mSecure will ask you if you want to migrate your mSecure 4 data into the new app. Answer yes to that question, enter the password you use to open mSecure 4, and your data will be ready for you after you get through the app setup process.

Regarding your email address, you can use any active address you would like when you set up your account in mSecure 6. After downloading the new app, go to the screen where it asks you if you want to Sign In or Sign Up, tap the option to Sign Up for a new account, and then enter your "" email address and your password. Your new account will be created with that email address as the username.

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