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Change my email address

I need to change my email address because I am using an office mail  address and I am changing the company. How can I do?


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I do not have a problem operating my mSecure 5. Here is the issue. 

My user name for my mSecure5 is my e-mail address. But I have changed e-mail address recently and would like to use my new e-mail address as my user name as well as the address for communication. How difficult is it to do that?

How to change e-mail address which also happens to be my username for my mSecure5   ?

Hi Jean-Guy,

Thank you for contacting us. You can change the email for your account in the Account Settings of any mSecure app. Do be aware, however, you cannot change the email to an email that is in use on a different mSecure account. We have a lot of customers that accidentally create multiple accounts with different emails, and then they try to change the email address in one account and it can't be done. If that is happening to you, we'll need to get you signed in to the same account on all devices, then we can work on getting the email updated.

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