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Change my email address

I need to change my email address because I am using an office mail  address and I am changing the company. How can I do?


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I do not have a problem operating my mSecure 5. Here is the issue. 

My user name for my mSecure5 is my e-mail address. But I have changed e-mail address recently and would like to use my new e-mail address as my user name as well as the address for communication. How difficult is it to do that?

How to change e-mail address which also happens to be my username for my mSecure5   ?

Hi Jean-Guy,

Thank you for contacting us. You can change the email for your account in the Account Settings of any mSecure app. Do be aware, however, you cannot change the email to an email that is in use on a different mSecure account. We have a lot of customers that accidentally create multiple accounts with different emails, and then they try to change the email address in one account and it can't be done. If that is happening to you, we'll need to get you signed in to the same account on all devices, then we can work on getting the email updated.

I am changing to a new internet provider and therefore need to change the email, how do I let mSecure know that I have a new email ?

Hi Clarence,

In order to change the email you use for mSecure, you'll need to open the account settings, and there is an edit button next to the Username. On Mac, you can open mSecure, click "mSecure > Preferences" in the top left of his screen, then click the Accounts tab. In the Accounts tab, click the pencil icon to the right of the Username field, and you can update the email address for your account.

So where do you find Accounts tab in the app. Note my attachment word file??

There is no Accounts tab I can see!!!!

I have created the support portal account and made an inquiry.

Note attached word file photo’s of the mSecure settings on my Iphone as there is no “Accounts Setting” displayed within the preferences.

Therefore, where do you find “Accounts Settings”.

@ausgaz You don't see Account Settings because you are running mSecure 4. That version of the app was not tied our account system, because it didn't exist then. mSecure accounts debuted in mSecure 5.

What is it you are trying to accomplish here?

How to Change my email address?
I can’t see any part. support by IINet will cease soon so need to change the email address to the app to
How can I make the change?

So how can I upgrade the app?

We have had this app for a long time and to add all of the data to a new one would be painful so is it possible to upgrade the existing app?

@ausgaz For the older version of mSecure, there is no email address associated with the app. It simply ran locally on each device and did not tie in to any centralized account system created by us. So there is no email address to change in mSecure 4. In mSecure 6, we do have a centralized account system, so that app does have an email address associated with it.

I can help you upgrade to mSecure 6. All your data in the older version will be able to be migrated if you upgrade, but is a paid upgrade. Are you interested in upgrading to mSecure 6?

Hi Mike, What is the coat and is it ongoing?

What is the advantage.

Our concern is the email address within the app will cease soon due to iiNet no longer hosting any emails in Australia.

We have personal emails hosted with another provided.

@ausgaz Again, there is not email address in mSecure 4. If you continue to run that version of the app, there is no email to update. Don't worry about your email address not working in that version of the app.

Regarding mSecure 6, the new app is totally new. The UI is updated, there are a bunch of new features like Cross-Account Sharing, the Filter Bar for iOS and Android, Tags (essentially like having multiple groups on each record), Email/Username Picker, any file type for attachments, and many more. One of the most important things, however, is that the new app is and will always be fully supported. The older version of mSecure is no longer supported, so anything that breaks cannot be fixed since there won't be any updates to it in the future.

Hi Mike, What is the cost for the mSecure 6?

@ausgaz There are two different subscription tiers you can choose from, Essentials and Premium, and the differences along with the price are shown here on our website: Essentials is $1.99 USD/month when billed monthly or $1.67 USD/month when billed yearly. Premium is $2.99 USD/month when billed monthly and $2.49 USD/month when billed yearly.

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