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No Sync Icon between lock icon and Settings Icon

I have an iPhone, iPad, and two windows 10 computers one at home and one at work. On the home computer there is a manual sync icon between the lock icon and the settings icon  on the "All Items" page at the lower left of the window. However, on the work computer it is not there, and it no longer syncs up with the other three devices. Now it did initially import everything from the mSecure cloud correctly. The work computer is the last device I put mSecure on. I have made some changes on the work computer that I would like to propagate to my other devices. Largely to correct and clean things up from my Passwords Plus import. I have the premium subscription. For now the only way I can figure out how to get the changes from the work computer to the other three devices is to back up mSecure on the work computer copy that file to the home computer and then run a mSecure restore on the home mSecure, then sync.

Why does the sync icon appear on one computer and not the other? Is there a limit of three devices to sync? If so then mSecure isn't going to work for me. 

Any ideas,

Hi Jerry,

Thank you for contacting us. The only way I know of that this could be happening is that you are signed in to a different account on your work computer. I checked your account, and you do have a Premium subscription and you are using mSecure Cloud syncing, so on every mSecure app signed in to that account, you should see a sync button in the bottom left of the app.

When you close mSecure and then open it again to the lock screen, what email do you see at the top of the screen?

It's working correctly now, I don't know what changed, except that it's a new day today. I opened up mSecure here at work and saw the sync button. I clicked the sync button and then opened mSecure on my iPhone, and noticed that it synced up as it should.


That's great news Jerry! It's possible that mSecure hadn't contacted your account to see the subscription before today, but that would be a bit unusual. It's also possible you have an outdated version of the app, which we should check. Go ahead and open mSecure, then click the gear icon in the bottom left corner. In the Settings, click "About mSecure" at the bottom of the left column. What version does it say you're running?

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