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Shambolic & sneaky upgrade to Version 6

Unlike some users I only bought mSecure4 in 2015, have been a happy user and even recommended it to family. When mSecure5 was announced, I pre-ordered and on delivery I migrated to it. I found issues with it so just left version 5 'as-is'  and continued to use mSecure4.

With recent prompts to upgrade from mSecure4, I thought I'd revisit mSecure5.

 What a shock! Not only had mSecure5 been upgraded without my knowledge to version 6, but I can't even get into it as my mSecure5 password does not work.  So I count myself very fortunate that I'm still using mSecure4 with my many hundreds of passwords and other items, otherwise I'd be up the creek without a boat, never mind a paddle.

I understand why mSeven Software wanted to move to a subscription model but am very disappointed with what seems to be an underhand way of going about it.  We should have been forewarned about this but having searched my emails going back to 2015, there was no information or advanced warning about version 6. I also agree with the many users who've posted on the issue. 

So here's what I've done and am doing:

- I've ensured that my existing Android mSecure4 will not be auto updated.

- I've contacted those I previously recommended to un-recommend mSecure.

- I've placed the Windows version in a virtual environment as an archived backup.

- I'm commencing a search for a different password manager.

Trust and confidence are precious commodities, and once lost, it's really really difficult to get it back. Your actions have not left me with any confidence!



Hi Mark,

mSecure 6 is a direct upgrade to mSecure 5, so if automatic updates are on for a device, the app will be updated. That's an OS-specific feature, and there is nothing we can do to stop it from happening. With regards to you needing to be warned, we agree. This is why we sent out at least two emails to all our customers letting them know that mSecure 6 would be released about three weeks prior to it being published in the app stores. If you have an mSecure 5 account, you would have been notified. However, there are many things that could have kept you from receiving the email that we cannot foresee nor can we fix. It's possible the email went to a spam folder, it could have been undeliverable for some reason, and there are other things that can happen with email that we cannot account for.

With regards to your concern, however, I don't understand it. If you have a v5 Pro license, you don't lose anything in the upgrade to mSecure 6. On the contrary, you actually gain functionality. You don't have to pay for the upgrade, because if you have a v5 Pro license, mSecure 6 gives you an Essentials account. So you don't have to do anything accept for install the app in order to continue having access to all of the functionality you had in mSecure 5. Is there a reason you are upset that you don't lose any functionality in moving to mSecure 6 without having to pay for the upgrade?

Hi , i am a long time user of msecure 4 and did ask question and checked the Blog.

i specifically did chose msecure because it was not base on subscription model  and for me Version 4 was simpler nicer that i still used it to this days as a backup to msecure 5.

So it is still working on my Iphone 12 on IOS15.6.1 as this Blog did told me that the version 4 was not going to work in IOS 13 or so.

Again i do prefer version 4 to Version 5 but for support sake of your company and security of my password i did went with the Pro Paid version of msecure 5.

Now i do received that ( Nagging screen ) every time i do enter some data in Version 5 , i have tried the Upgrade on my spare Iphone and i do not like Version 6.

I am a ressource person and did recommend msecure to many user over the years but the handling by msecure of the V6 version is simply innacceptable.

Even if msecure say that this is at no cost to user going to Version 6 i do not want to go to version 6 , i have tried it and i am not interested.

Now msecure Blog say it is no consequence to user as we are not asked to pay for Version 6 because we are allowed to the essential feature.

Listen we do not want to used version 6 and stay on Version 5 ,please find a way as an update or something we can do to disable the nag screen that say the ( this version is obsolete go to the App. store for the Update ) .

i rather and can justify to the Client that i support to pay for an Version 5 Update ( if absolutely needed due to Apple business model )  so we can secure Version 5

But been forced ( with a nagging screen ) in Version  5 to upgraded to the to Version 6 is not the reason i bought your software years ago.

Thank you

I was very annoyed when I posted my initial response. But even though developers need to earn a living I still stand by my comments. I was/still on version 4, even though I paid for version 5 & I would have been willing to make a small annual payment to stay there. Instead, having got a new Pixel, I'm evaluating Enpass as a replacement. When developers leave their customers behind, it's no surprise if they lose them :(

@Mark I still don't understand what you're saying here. You don't have to pay for the upgrade! Can you please explain to me why you think you need to pay for mSecure 6?? I checked your "" account, and it has a v5 Pro license. You don't have to pay for v6 and you don't lose any functionality. Why are you saying you do, and why, since we are giving you an Essentials Subscription that covers all functionality in v5 and more, do you think we are leaving our customers behind??

@Martial Desgagnes I'm not sure exactly what you are saying, as it sounds like you are wanting to use mSecure 4 and not mSecure 5, but then you make mention of wanting to stick with mSecure 5. I'll try to answer the best I can, and if there is clarification needed, let me know.

With regards to using mSecure 4, you can use that app as long as you would like, but on iOS, it's getting dangerous to do so. For many customers, iOS 14.5 caused issues where they could no longer open the app. We did not program the app to not open. v4 is simply no longer supported, so something was introduced in iOS 14.5 that caused issues for some of our customers. Because of that, we highly recommend our customers upgrade to mSecure 6.

With regards to mSecure 5, mSecure 6 is a direct upgrade to v5, so v5 is simply no longer available in the app stores. We won't be creating a new v5 app, because we have given all our v5 Pro users an Essentials account, which makes it so they have all the features in mSecure 5 and more. I know you said you don't want it that way, but that's just the way it is, and it won't be changing.

So, since there is never going to be an mSecure 5 app again, do you want me to help you with mSecure 6? I did check your "" mSecure account, and it doesn't have a v5 Pro license. Do you have a different mSecure account that uses a different email address? If so, I can check for a license, and if it's on that account, you will have an Essentials account in v6 at no cost to you.

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