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Browser Extension for Firefox

 The mSecure support website has a link to acquire a browser extension for Firefox.  When I select the link I go to a Mozilla error page "Oops, can't find that page".  Is the browser extension for Firefox supported, or is it still in the works?

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Hi Michael,

Thank you for contacting us. We were recently made aware by Firefox that we need to release a new version of the browser extension, and for some reason, they decided to deactivate the extension until it's published. I will be working on that over the next few days, so expect it to become available in the store again this week.

 Hi Mike,
thanks for working at the browser extension update (and some other things, I bet).
Is the final release in sight? Or is it alreadyavailable and I was just too blind to see?

Hi Daniel,

I'm sorry for the long wait in my reply to your question about the Firefox Browser Extension. We are working on it released, and I'm hopeful it will be submitted early this week. It will be up in the Firefox store as soon as possible!

Hi Mike, thanks for YouTube reply and all YouTube hard work. I'll Keeper my fingers crossed. Best regards, Daniel

Any update on this, still no page found error when I follow the link?

 Hi Mike,

Mike here. I don't have a new issue. I have he same issue as the rest of the people in this thread. We have been waiting months for a Mozilla extension, a feature for which we are paying, to arrive. When will it be done?

@Mike We are planning to have the issue resolved with the Firefox Browser extension at least by the time version 6.1 is released, and we are doing everything we can to get that into production before the end of December.

@Mike Thanks for the Update, sounds good for me, keeping my fingers crossed. Good luck!

Thanks @Mike. These extensions were one of the things that own me over to the subscription. I am glad to hear they will be working by years end. 

Same here! I am eagerly awaiting a reliably working Firefox extension. Thank you in advance to mSecure.

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