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Unable to delete individual record

I delete it and it just comes back 5 seconds later.  Originally tried updating password but similar out come.  Old password return 5 seconds later.  I have had enough of mSecure after over a decade.  Shit like this happens way to often.  Before the password and user I’d become jumbled.

Hi Michael,

Can you let me know on which device or devices you are seeing this happen? Is it just on your Android or Mac, or is it on all of your devices? From your account, it looks like you may be running mSecure on all four platforms, so I need to know which ones are getting affected by the problem you're describing.

Also, please tell me the full version number for each of your mSecure apps. For iOS, Android and Windows, you'll find that in the "About mSecure" section in the app's Settings. For Mac, you'll find it by clicking "mSecure > About mSecure" in the menu bar at the top left of your screen.

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