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Cannot add mSecure 6 to additional iPad devices

I have mSecure6 installed on myWindows10 laptop and on my iPhone11 and it works on both of them.  But when I try to add mSecure6 to my iPad6 I keep getting an email that says I will need to reset mSecure6 AND in doing so I will lose all my data.  This is not right!  What am I doing wrong? 

Hi Sam,

Thank you for contacting us. You should have no problems signing in to your account in mSecure on your iPad or any other device. The only way you should be getting the email you are seeing is if you pressed the button saying you have forgotten your password, but if you are able to enter your password to unlock mSecure on your PC and iPhone, then you know your password. When you open mSecure on your PC and iPhone, are you able to enter your password manually using the keyboard and keypad to unlock the app, or are you using biometrics to get into the app?

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