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mSecure WiFi trying to sync with Mac Studio Monitor

The mSecure Mac software is getting and using the (169.254...) IP address of my Mac Studio DISPLAY, and not my Mac Studio which is breaking WiFi syncing to other devices. I see no way to change this. I have tried reordering the Service order in the Mac Network Preference settings without success.

Hi Jeff,

Thank you for contacting us. I'm not sure I understand what you mean here, but if you have two different Mac computers, you should simply be able to check the "Main Computer" box in the Sync tab for whichever computer you want to be the server of your information. After that setting is checked, that mSecure app has to be open, unlocked and resting on the main view in order for other client apps to sync with it.

I don't have two Macs here. I have the new Mac Studio computer and the new Studio Display acting as the Mac's monitor.

The new Studio Display has an A13 Bionic processor in it. It's essentially an iOS device, which receives its own software updates. Because it receives updates, it has its own IP address -- in my case this address is, while the IP address of the actual computer (a Mac Studio) has its own IP address which is MSecure should find and show this correct IP address (, but it's making a mistake and finding the IP address of the Studio Display ( This is a bug in mSecure. There's nowhere in the mSecure interface where I can tell mSecure that it's finding the wrong IP address for my Mac.

If you look at the attached screenshot of mSecure's Sync Pref file, along with the IP addresses of my Mac Studio and my Studio Display, you'll see mSecure thinks my display is a Mac. Since mSecure cannot sync with a display, WiFi syncing is broken.

Mac Studio Computer:

Studio Display:



Hi Mike,

I have only one Mac. It’s Apple's newly released Mac Studio computer. Apple also just released a new monitor called the Studio Display.

The Apple Studio Display has an internal A13 Bionic processor inside. It’s essentially has an iOS processor controlling the display that receives it’s own software updates. Because the Studio Display receives software updates, it has its own IP address — in my case my Studio Display’s IP address is

My Mac Studio computer, which I’m trying to sync as mSecure Main Computer had an Ethernet IP address of

Unfortunately, mSecure’s WiFi syncing is not finding the IP address of the Mac that it’s actually running on (, but instead it’s finding the attached Studio Display’s IP address ( This is a bug in MSecure. I have no way to control this.

The 3 images here should help make this clear.



Hi Jeff,

I responded to you not too long ago via email, so we can keep our correspondence in that thread from here on out. It's easy to start missing things when I make my responses if I have more than one thread to gather information from for the same issue.

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